Auchentoshan Classic – Review

Auchentoshan Classic NAS


Auchentoshan | Classic | NAS | 40% | Bourbon Casks | CF / C, tripple distilled

Situation: On our way to catch the bus to our hotel, spotted the Pot Still sign, had some pie, pint and dram…or see here for the longer version

Nose: honey, some wood influence, very sweet and a bit cloying, classic tropical fruits, similar to artificial fruits (like Haribo Tropicana)

Taste: sweet honey dominated entry, artificial sweets, vanilla, pines/nuts, I would have guessed there was grain in here if this was done blind, some young harshness under the cloying honey sweetness. A creamy velvety mouthfeel

Finish: very sweet (actually a bit too much for me), some salt and wood influence, medium length beside being only 40%

Conclusion: Nothing special, nothing bad either! Still pretty nice to just be here and enjoy it. I talked to /u/gregbenson314 about it today and learned that what reminded me of grain whisky was due to the fact that this malt is triple distilled! That actually makes a lot of sense to me because I also got that feeling with some of the Irish whiskies I had, which are also triple distilled! A nice entry into our trip, I wouldn’t turn an offered one down but would not actively look for one either.

Score: C 76/100












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