Gunners, Glasgow, Good times (Prelude)

I really, really wanted to drink more Scotch before my trip to the motherland but somehow I managed to screw that up…

Anyway, here I am in beautiful Glasgow and can’t remember what the last Scotch was I reviewed – the last one I had was some Machir Bay whenever I had the chance the last week.

Yesterday, me and some buddies went to see Guns’n’fucking Roses in Hannover – together with 70000 others and a raging thunderstorm…I haven’t been that wet wearing clothes since, I don’t know, ever?


Anyway, the concert was a blast! Angus Young and Slash on the one stage? Yes please! Fulfilling a childhood teenage dream of seeing GnR (Axl, Slash and Duff!!) live on stage? Yes, yes please! I actually had tickets for a show in Germany in the early 90s, which then got canceled because of well, you know Axl happened to be Axl…So yeah, yes, yes, yes! So after an awesome show, some traffic jam and all we ended up being home at 5 in the morning with the alarm clock ringing an hour later…


So after almost two hours sleeping on the plane we arrived in Glasgow where we’re going to stay for two days before we head over to Islay. We flew in straight from Düsseldorf. If you are a bit flexibel concerning your day and time of travel, make sure to check sites like to find the best deals as prices usually vary quite a bit depending on when you fly.

The plan is to meet /u/gregbenson314 later but right now we just want to drop off our suitcases in the hotel and grab some fish’n’chips and a pint to get the motor running again. Or so we thought because as we were about to change busses, the was a familiar sign across the road, so – purely by accident! – we ended up in The Pot Still way earlier than planned!

Awesome! It wasn’t even noon yet but there was already a tasting going on the place was quiet crowded, still we managed to get a small table and ordered some food. I had the Pot Still Pie (Haggis, Lorne Sausage and Black pudding with a mashed potato top – yummi!) and then we were on to our first dram of the trip and actually my first Scotch in Scotland!

By the recommendation of our barmaid we had some Auchentoshan Classic, which is a NAS whisky matured in Bourbon casks just around the corner of Glasgow. Since my friend who joins me on this trip is just dipping his toes in the water of life so me and the barmaid decided that it would be a fitting way to start our trip!

Glasgonian Pro Tipp: thanks to the awesome /u/gregbenson314 I now not only know how to pronounce the name but also that if you want to visit one distillery while in Glasgow, you should opt for Glengoyne which has a (n even) nicer site that the Auchentoshan and is also pretty close to Glasgow. This reminds me to have a Glengoyne later tonight and get one of the nicest persons in all of Scotland a dram later as well! Cheers mate!

Here’s the review of the Auchentoshan Classic.

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