Port Charlotte | Bottled for Ralfy.com | Bottle No 123 (and later others!) | 12 Year Old | Sherry Hogshead | 56.2 % | NCF / NCA

Situation: At the Bon Accord, see here for details

Nose: Bacon! Even from a meter away! Closer it’s bacon, peat, a bit musty, spicy, honey, black berries, dark chocolate and lots of Sherry influence!

Taste: A rather neutral entry, BBQ spices, peat, dark berries and chocolate, honey, salty, a bit woody, creamy mouthfeel,

Finish: Wow, the finish is like a blooming repetition of the palate, peat, smoke, honey, chocolate malt berries and spices

Conclusion: One of the winners of the trip and Private’s favorite, we had a dram everywhere we could spot a bottle! The influence of the Sherry Cask is quite strong but the PC spirit takes it very well, maybe – just maybe – the fact that this bottle was a constant companion throughout the trip, bumped the score up by a wee bit…but let me put it that way, if you had the opportunity to taste close to every malt you could think of and still come back to this one every time you saw it, it couldn’t be that bad, could it?

Score: ★★★★★ Click here to find out what that means to me.

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