The Bon Accord House Cask | secret, very small cask vatting by Masterblender (…) Paul MacDonagh |

Situation: see here

Nose: Chocolate, BBQ spices, peat, salt, some artificial tropical fruits, a strange mixture of aromas giving away the living cask

Taste: slightly creamy entry, chocolate, spicy peat but not bitter, slightly medicinal, BBQ spices, hints of coffee, the artificial fruitiness of the nose is dominated by the peat but still there just, you know, covered in peat, close to no smoke accompanying the peat

Finish: Longer than expected, the Islay influence makes itself noticed here, BBQ spices, salt, spicy peat and a much more present clean bonfire smoke

Conclusion: Good but nothing to get overly excited about, still pretty good start for the evening.

Score: ★★☆☆☆ Click here to find out what that means to me.

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