Longrow Red Malbec Cask

Spingbank | Longrow Red | Malbec Cask | 13 Year Old | 12 years in Bourbon Casks then 15 month in fresh Malbec Casks | 51.3 % | NCA / NCF | 9000 bottles

Situation: see here

Nose: the very fruity red whine influence is prominent from the start, dark red fruits which almost border on the tropical Haribo side, behind that there’s some ashy smoke, salt and a prominent chocolate note as well as malt

Taste: Quiet almost neutral entry, creamy mouthfeel, cherries almost like maraschino cherries, again bordering artificial Haribo fruitiness, quite spicy peat, baking or rather Christmas spices, seriously reminding me of Glühwein!

Finish: Again, very prominent red whine here! Milk chocolate and salt behind that, quite long but mild and (red) fruity

Conclusion: Wow, now I can understand the love these Red bottlings get! Fruity and spicy with chocolate smoke, – yummi! Also on a side note, I’m a bit buzzed, but still quite a lovely dram! High four stars!

Score: ★★★★☆ Click here to find out what that means to me.

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