Via, Veritas, Vita – A tourist’s day in Glasgow

After a long day and quite a few drinks, we were very happy to see such a huge Scottish breakfast at our hotel – that pour hangover never stood a chance! And they also had Ketchup as well as Brown Sauce available with breakfast, which you rarely see in Germany but is essential for a breakfast like this.

Via – The way

So pretty soon we were ready to explore the town and on our way. Private, who does much more city trips than me, recommended to take a hop on/hop off bus because that way we were mobile and could just hop off where ever we like it and then hop on again. And we could cross off all the touristy stuff quite easily. We used this one and were quite happy. It really is a nice way to get around. Shortly before lunch, we passed the Scotia Bar which advertised to be the oldest Pub in Glasgow. So we just hoped off the bus and grabbed a pint of Tennet’s but as both of us weren’t really impressed with neither Pub nor pint, we decided to hit the road again.

A pint of Tennent’s in Glasgow’s oldest pub!

By pure coincident we ended up in a familiar area and without even thinking about it, found ourself seated in the Bon Accord. No clue how that happened! Since it was touristy day anyway we had some fish’n’chips for lunch. We planned to meet Greg here later and because we already felt quite at home, decided to have another pint. Always a good idea.

Fish N Chips at the Bon Accord

When Greg arrived, we had a blast and talked for a while about everything from Glasgow to Islay to dogs to politics to Diageo. While it sounds like a strange mixture it really wasn’t and we could’ve spend the whole day sipping away on SMWS Benrinnes and talking. Unfortunately, Greg had to work in the evening and we were on our touristy mission exploring the city, so we had to leave our cosy ear chairs. Lucky for us, Greg managed to arrange a table for us at the restaurant where he works. More of that later, first Greg literally walked us through Glasgow and gave us lots of stories and places to go. With not even 24 hours left we weren’t able to check out a third of it.

Veritas – The truth

So in search of the truth we followed Greg’s footsteps (yes, literally!) and he lead us through the gorgeous Kelvingrove Park to the breathtaking Universitas Glasguensis. Sweet! But the truth is, you’re not here to read about me taking a walk, are you? So put that on your Glasgow list and find out yourself. Worth it! Anyway, soon we had to part but not before Greg had given us this personalized Glasgow map.

Mora is usually pretty busy, especially on a Saturday night, so Greg was only able to find us a table at nine o’clock. That meant we had time to check out some of his recommendation beforehand. So, we soon found us in the Ben Nevis pub. But, alas!, since it was Saturday evening, no chance to find a table or even a spot at the bar. Anyway, it looked pretty neat and since it was recommended a couple of times, you should check it out as well as it is just down the road from Mora.

And trust me, you want to go to Mora when in Glasgow. By plain coincidence, we ended up in the Park Bar which is not on Greg’s map but as we learned on Islay, is one of the favorite bars of Ewan of the Bellygrant Inn. It’s a classic pub with live music, good food and was also quite busy but big enough so that the two of us found some room at the bar. I had some Magner’s Red Berry which tasted like children’s fuzz which was fun but not really what I was looking for. I’m not sure if I’d recommend it. We enjoyed the atmosphere at the pub and as a band was starting to set up their stage, we decided to be back straight after dinner!

Magners Red Berry at the Park Bar

Talking about dinner: eat. at. Mora. Do it. You may want to book a table in advance.

When we arrived at Mora, we were seated at the bar as our table was not quite ready yet. That gave us the opportunity to watch Greg work his magic behind the bar, while we were enjoying some Botanist Gin and Tonic.

I would have loved to have another Tonic than Schwepps but nevertheless it was pretty good. Before we knew it, we were seated and had to choose from the small but mouthwatering menu. I love to have small menus! Give me three starters, five mains and three deserts and I’m pretty happy. I decided to keep it traditional and went for Bruschetta for starters and pizza prosciutto. Both were incredibly good. Private had the lobster ravioli and was also blown away. Get the bigger size though. The service was attentive, professional and very friendly.

If you have one day in Glasgow and don’t like Indian food, eat at Mora and up to the Bon Accord. Greg prefers the Pot Still though…

Vita – the life

After that we were off to the Park Bar and some life (sic! Hrhrhr…ok, I’ll see myself out) Ceilidh music! The place was crowded and the atmosphere was pumping, everyone and their grandmas (again, literally!) was on their feed and danced! Similar to the rest of Glasgow the whisky selection was pretty good. As is life. So you better enjoy it.

Even though we had quite a few drams, I only took notes for the SMWS which you can find here.

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