A Canadian Mystery: AR19B


Info: I assume this is the Amrut Rye just because it’s labelled AR – let’s find out what the fuss is about! The notes in italics were added after I knew the reveal and finished the sample on the next night

Situation: On the couch, just donated money for animals in need because of Harvey, you should too

Nose: Fruity, malty, vanilla, intense, bitter woody notes, bubble gum and dry potting soil, pine nuts, intense honey, milky? – well, this is probably not the Amrut Rye. Tripple distilled? Bourbon cask? 19 years old? The longer it airs, the more dominant the vanilla and tropical fruit notes get

I would add nuts, the bubble gum as well as most of the bitter wood notes are less noticeable now, nothing I would change about the notes

Taste: Leathery or rather earthy, floral honey, quite malty, oak, a little salt, some tropical fruits (peaches, melon and all…), chocolate, gummy bears (yeah, tripple distilled!) medium alcohol strength, low 50s or high 40s? Let’s say 48%-52%, waxy mouthfeel

I’m not surprised that now that I know it’s not tripple distilled, I don’t taste the gummy bear tripple distilled flavor. Ha, the mind is a strange thing! I’ll leave the rest as it is.

Finish: Honey / bee’s wax, some salt, some dark leather and earthy tones, under the sweetness are some bitter woody notes, cacao/milk chocolate at the end, medium length, the finish is more peppery than I remember it being last night, adds a nice spiciness to it!

Conclusion: Shoot, this strongly reminds me of something but I’m not sure yet what it is! The last tripple distilled Scotch I had was the Auchentoshan Classic and which was similar. And it start’s with an A as well…the more I drink it, the more I like it!

Thoughts / Guess: Tripple distilled, Bourbon casks, I feel pretty confident about that. 19 years would be fitting the label and the woody notes, 48-53%. So it might be Cask Strength.

Final guess: Auchentoshan Single Bourbon Cask, 19 years old, 53%

Reveal: Arran 1997 KWM Cask 1085 – 19 year old Single Cask bottled at 51.4% from an Ex-Bourbon Hogshead

Conclusion: The more I drank it, the more I liked it. The age gives a nice depth with dark earthy tones, even though they are rather quiet, also the bitter oak plays nicely with the honey sweet tropical fruitiness…you can find devoz’s review here.

Again, a mystery sample I had solved and than talked me out of it, as my first thought was Arran (once I realized it’s not the Amrut…) but than I had the strange idea of it being tripple distilled…oh well, I did worse before

Score: B so 86/100

Other reviews from the distillery: here

Other whiskies with the same score: here

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