A Slow Night at the Pub: Hazelburn 12 and Ledaig 2008 Ultimate Selection


Situation: At the local watering hole, trying some new things…

Springbank | Hazelburn 12 | 12 years old | tripple distilled; Sherry casks (at least some) | 46 % | NCA / NCF


Nose: Nutty, sweet honey, dirty Springbank hay (funk!), dark black earth, hazelnuts, bitter wood, some raisins and dark fruits,

Taste: Sweet creamy entry, malt, nutty, honey, heather, some nice oak influence and some  dark fruits

Finish: Salty, long, nutty, a creamy mouthfeel stays

Conclusion: I’m very pleasantly surprised! Nice creamy and nutty dram with nice oak influence and the 46% fit perfectly! Chapeau! A bit simple albeit very pleasant!

Score: High B or 87/100

Ultimate Selection | Ledaig 2008 | 6 years old | Hogshead | 46 % | NCA / NCF


Nose: Intense leather, bacon, salty peat, rotten vegetation notes reminiscent of Lagavulin, mineral and earthy, sea grass? Hints of nuts, nice!

Taste: Sweat peat, salty, malt, earthy, smoke, a slightly rotten note, dark coffee,

Finish: Nice and intense for 46%, dark coffee notes, again smoke and sweat peat

Conclusion: Better then the 10 year old, nice! It is a bit unsteady first but settles rather quickly, the sweet aspects are reminiscent of Laphroaig’s sweat peat, good job Ledaig and Ultimate – I can see the hype now!

Score: B+ or 88/100

Other reviews from this distillery: Ledaig Hazelburn

Other whiskies with the same score: 88 87

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