Another Canadian Mystery: RS100


Mystery | Scotch? | ??% | sample due /u/devoz labelled RS100 |

Info: The notes in italics after the reveal were added after I knew the reveal and finished the sample on the next night

Situation: On the couch, listening to the Boss, relaxed and happy

Nose: Bitter wood, honey, a bit soapy, vanilla, musty, raisins, nuts, a nice and rich nose, thick old sherry – PX?

Taste: Woody entry, walnuts, a bit rough around the edges and it feels slightly unbalanced, grain? a blend?, light mouthfeel, vanilla, leather, raisins, honey, red berries, quite a bit of Sherry influence and oak, no clue about the abv to be honest!

Finish: Nuts, dark chocolate, mocha, drying tannin – not spectacular but a very well executed and nice finish, quite long as well but I guess due to age rather than abv

Conclusion: I don’t know, this feels unbalanced at the palate at times, the finish is quite nice though, as is the nose, I guess this is a blend and not age-stated eventhough there sure are some older (very old?) Sherry casks involved in this one but there’s some young harshness in there as well – granted not much – maybe to highten the abv? Speaking of which, due to the muddledness I have no clue about the abv, 40 – 46%?, I bet this is a rather exclusive blend, as with the Arran last night, it took me some time to get warm with it but then it was quite good.

Thoughts / Guess: NAS Blended whisky with (rumored) very old casks in it which were too low in ABV so they had to marry in some younger whisky, a noticeable portion of Sherry casks were in the vatting

Reveal: Amrut Rye

Conclusion: Well, that was a surprise! Before I come to the conclusion, here are some notes I took after I knew what it was on another night!

Nose: Ok, now I know it, it is pretty darn straight obvious! But – in my defense -the bitterness of the rye could’ve been wood as well. Initially I had it as rye but changed that pretty soon because the rest just didn’t add up. Oh well…:bitter rye, herbs, honey, less PX-y than yesterday (big surprise, I know), still the rest of the notes stand

Taste and Finish: I would just exchange woody and rye, add honey and malt and detract the Sherry influence but the overall impression of the taste and finish stay similar

Now to the conclusion: I like this, it’s wonderfully weird and I even liked it more when I tried it blind. It’s different, interesting and even edgy at times. I don’t know how I would have rated or experienced it, if I knew what it was straight away, because I would have always compared it to American Rye – which this is not and doesn’t want to be. I’m glad I had the chance to try this and thoroughly enjoyed it! Thank you, Devoz King of the Amrut-North!

Score B so 87/100

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