36 year old Glenglassaugh Whiskyauction


Glenglassaugh | bottled for the 20th Anniversary of WhiskyAuction.com | 36 years old | 41,2% | PX Puncheon | ~??? € in Germany | NCF / CA

This is a) a rather short (read as „with no blahblah“) review and b) the follow up of this post and c) was the highlight of the evening and a 36 year old Glenglassaugh which was distilled in 1978 and bottled for the 20th Anniversary of whiskyauction.com and a lot of ands.

Nose: Dark honey, oak, sulfur, raisins, tart Sherry notes, burned rubber, very nice nose!

Taste: Creamy but almost neutral entry, then raisins, Sherry, grapes, surprisingly close to no nuttyness, milk chocolate, a bit of a burned note and some sulfur

Finish: Honey, nuts, px sweetness almost like fructose, some salt, longish, creamy, very woody at the end, before that very little wood influence but then long and drying wood

Conclusion: Pretty nice! Huge and Sweet Sherry but not very cloying, a nice wood influence at the end of the finish, the nose and finish were very good but the taste was a bit weaker, a bit sad that time took so much abv from it, would be very good at a higher strength! Still between b and b+ so

Score: B+ so 88/100

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