Wild Turkey 101 Rye (old green bottle)


Wild Turkey | 101 Rye | ? Years Old | 50.5 % | old green bottle

Info: /u/mikeczyz send me a message that this bottle is available in my area and without thinking I got it! (SPOILER: thank you Milkey!)

Situation: Finishing the sample watching the Bucs beating the Bears, all hyped up that our season finally starts!

Nose: Spectacular! Thick honey, rye, brown sugar, slightly burned hazelnuts, cherries, a Nick Folk field goal woohoo!, some slightly bitter oak, a thick and intense nose! Love it!

Taste: Creamy entry, rye, brown sugar, vanilla, cherries, creamy and spicy at the same time, a bit musty,

Finish: Spicy rye, woody, slightly metallic, bitter oak, vanilla, brown sugar, nice and long

Conclusion: Just about perfect, hits straight to the heart. Not overly complex but wow, this is the good stuff! I love it, if you ever see a bottle, buy it! Well, thinking about it, buy two and send me one! Touchdown Mike Evans! Fire the Cannons!

Score: A  95/100

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