Penderyn Madeira

IMG_0013Penderyn | Madeira | ? Years Old | 46 % | bourbon casks and then finished in Madeira casks | NCF & NCA

Nose: Marzipan, tropical fruits, citrus fruits, strong hay note, quite wine-y, vanilla

Taste: Neutral entry, butter, malt, peaches, apricots, oranges, a bit spirity but quite sweet

Finish: Fruity ,vanilla, oaky, salt, butter at the end, quite long for the abv

Conclusion: I have to say that it took some time to acclimate myself with the dram, but I enjoyed it better at the second session. Overall, it’s not really my type of malt. I can’t really put my finger onto what it is that makes me not really liking this one but I don’t see myself finishing the mini I have. Maybe it’s the fruitiness?

Score: 72 C-

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