Down with the Giants! – Cadenhead’s Heaven Hill 20

Cadenheads Heaven Hill 20

Cadenheads | Heaven Hill Distillery | 20 Years Old | 50.8 % | Single Cask distilled 1996, bottled 2017 | 1 of 102 bottles | NCF & NCA | 

Info: Bottled for the 175th Anniversary of Cadenheads, this is a 20 something years old Bourbon from the Heaven Hill Distillery bottled at Cask strength of 50.8%. Thank you /u/NoFanSky for setting up this bottle split!

Situation: Waiting for the Giants getting crushed by the Bucs, watching the Patriots game, wondering what’s wrong with the Pats O-Line

Nose: Herbal honey, bitter wood, toffee, very caramelly, vanilla, nutmeg, rye notes, tobacco leaves, coconut flakes,

Taste: Woody entry, lightly oily mouthfeel, quite herbal, cloves, some honey, oranges, vanilla, peppery, drying wood, bitter coffee notes like really deep dark espresso as well as milk chocolate

Finish: Sadly a bit short but still with medium length, very drying, tannin, nutmeg, oranges, chocolate, coffee, woody,

Conclusion: Good, pretty good indeed but would have loved it to have a thicker and sweeter counterpart to the dry herbal oak, or maybe more abv to intensify and oomph up the palate and finish, anyway still a special dram by its specifications alone, if you dig herbal woody bourbons you’ll love this!

Score: B+ 87

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