Ledaig 10 by the bonfire

Ledaig 10.jpg

Tobermory | Ledaig 10 | 10 Year Old | 46.3 % | Bourbon Casks | NCF & NCA |

Info: Ledaig is the peated expresions of the Tobermory Distillery on Mull. Even though Ledaig has a huge fan base, I never really got into the hype about them. I had the 10, as well as some other Ledaig and Tobermory expressions, in several situations but I never really liked them. I have to admit I never really reviewed many of them but usually had them in a casual chatty setting with friends and beer…

Situation: Sitting on the bonfire after a long afternoon of crossgolfing with friends…

Nose: sulphuric rubber boots, sweat peat, salt, burning leg hair – though that might be me sitting too close to the fire! – Sherry? Earthy – think dry black earth – and mineral. Sadly, I have to say it: baby vomit! That’s the note I always associate with Tobermory, but beside that an intriguing nose.

Taste: creamy entry, salty, milk chocolate, mineral peat, smoke, vanilla, malt, some dark fruit notes as well and baby vomit…

Finish: salt, oily, dark chocolate, mocha, bitter peat, vanilla, a bit rough at the end

Conclusion: Though the notes probably don’t show it, I was really enjoying this one. The more I drank it, the more I liked it. It is rough but it works really in favor of the dram. One of those drams which makes you feel like standing on the rough shores of Mull in your oilskin fighting the elements. Your Sou’wester barely keeps up with the rain and the oceanspray and your pipe extinguished a long time ago…in many ways like Laphroaig…though not really tastewise

Score: B 87












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