Kilchoman 100% Islay 7th Edition

Version 2

Kilchoman | 100% Islay 7th edition | fresh and refill Bourbon Barrels | 7 Years Old | 50 % | samples due /u/sonofcroesus as well as the Distillery |

Situation: After a nice BBQ day (short rips!) and during the Distillery Tour in the middle of the malting Islay Barley…could you think of a more fitting place?

Nose: Salt, ozone, malt, sugary barley, clear smoke, sweet peat (not very intense but rather light), hints of milk chocolate, some floral notes, brown sugar and some slightly bitter wood,

Taste: sweet malty entry, big malt, salt, brown sugar, honey, milk chocolate, bit bitter peat, oak, nuts,

Finish: big toffee notes, salt, clear smoke, malt, wild licorice, cinnamon, pine nuts, butter? Yeah butter…

Conclusion: I really like how the 100% Islay range developed, I think that this range really profits from the extra age, the combination of the (quite) sweet malt, hints of smoke and peat in combination with the sometimes slightly bitter wood notes makes this very interesting. While I didn’t care much for the older eh earlier releases, I really like this one and wouldn’t hesitate to buy a bottle!

Score: B+ 88/100

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