100% Islay Cask Vatting – Sherry Finished!

Kilchoman | 100% Islay Cask Vatting Sherry Finish | three fresh Bourbon Barrels (717, 718, 719 2011) | almost 5 Years Old (17.11.2011 – 12.09.2016) | finished in Sherry Hogsheads |57.1% | 774 Bottles

Info: This bottling is only available in the Distillery Shop. While we were on Islay there was a rumor going around that this was a Frankenstein creation, saying that there had been some Sherry matured 100% Islay left in the tank prior to bottling when the Bourbon Casks went in. So then it went back into a Sherry Butt to make-up that. Or something like that, you know those things go. Islay, stories, whisky, more stories, more whisky. 

Setting: At the awesome Ballygrant Inn Bar on Islay

Nose: Sweet malt, bananas, bonfire smoke, brown sugar, dark fruits, spices, different than every kilchoman I ever nosed before! Uh, I’m very excited! Best nose I had in a while!!

Taste: Neutral to sweet entry, then it turns woody and salty, dark chocolate, malt, brown sugar, powerful abv, ashy smoke, Yummi!

Finish: Salty, peppery, smoke, dark mokka and darrrrrrk chocolate, quite drying, long, intense and powerful

Conclusion: Very good: Mokka, chocolate and drying, the 100% Islay and the sherry go very well together and turn out incredible! Dear Kilchoman, you have to make this again! Pleeeaase!

Score: 94/100 A-/A



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