Kilchoman 100% Islay Cask Vatting

Kilchoman | 100% Islay Cask Vatting | two fresh Bourbon Barrels (?17 & 538 2008) | 8 Years Old (16.10.2008 – 25.05.2017) | 56.8% |

Info: This bottling is only available in the Distillery Shop, it’s a vatting of two eight year old 100% Islay Bourbon Casks. 

Setting: During a tasting after the Distillery Tour, Nicole chose this to be her special Guide’s dram of the tasting!

Nose: Ozone, salt, malty but a bit bitter or tart, big farm-y hay and some citrus fruits. Water brings out lots of tropical fruity notes!

Taste: Very sweet and malty entry, it then stays very malty, very reminiscent of the new make we tasted before, citrus fruits, vanilla, a bit buttery as well, a bit of peat and smoke, again water makes this much more fruity

Finish: intense and powerful, salt, chocolate, very dark Mokka, BBQ spices, some light smoke, slightly oily mouthfeel

Score: 88/100 or B+

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