Kilchoman Caroni Cask bottled for LMW


Kilchoman | Single Cask Caroni Rum Cask bottle for LMW | 5 years old | 100% Islay Spirit | 59.4 % | sample due /u/shane_il 

Info: This was bottled for the 60th Anniversary of La Maison du Whisky. Caroni is not your everyday rum. Indeed it’s a rum or cask from a closed distillery. I never had it but I’ve read it’s far less sweet than your typical sugary rum.

The whisky is 100% Islay – so all barley is grown from Kilchoman’s own fields on Islay and malted on site to about 25ppm. So a bit less peaty and smokey than the malt sourced from Port Ellen. I wasn’t a huge fan of the first 100% releases, though I love (!) the thought behind it. Recently I had the chance to try the newest release of the 100% and that one really impressed me as the added age and barrel influence really helped the spirit to shine. This one is five years old (so a bit younger than the recent seven year old release) and finished for about six month in Caroni Rum casks.

Nose: musty grapes, peat, salt, some fruitiness, very earthy like wet dark sand, farmy Kilchoman malt, brown sugar, white pepper, hints of banana?

Taste: Thick sweet entry and mouthfeel! Sweeeeet, burned brown sugar, a bit rubbery, peat, tropical fruits like mango and bananas, milk chocolate, the almost 60% make themselves noticed but this is very drinkable! And nice! Earthy and a touch more medicinal (iodine, band aid, you know? Islay…) than your normal Kilchoman

Finish: ashy smoke combined with sweet rum notes, tropical fruits and coconut (how fitting!), salty peat, not quite dark earth earthy but more like a mineral note I tend to get with Caol Ila. Not surprisingly the 59.4% create a rather long and intense finish

Conclusion: nice! The rum really enhances the malty-ness of the 100% Islay spirit, it’s a combination of milk chocolate-y malt and earthy rum sweetness.

Score: 92/100 A-

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