Kilchoman Machir Bay


Kilchoman | Machir Bay | 46% | Bourbon (90%) and Sherry Casks (10%) | NCA & NCF

Info: This might be the most prominent and widely spread Kilchoman expression, I had different versions of this, I think the 2013 was the first one I had but I’m not sure. As I found them to be pretty consistent, I never really cared for vintages and as this is – kind of – always around, I only took tasting notes once or twice. These notes are for the 2014 one.

Nose: Peat, old leather, (clear) smoke, mineral, cinnamon and brown sugar proudly show their Bourbon Cask heritage

Palate: A rather neutral entry, then smoke, (light) brown sugar sweetness, toffee, vanilla, creamy mouthfeel, which doesn’t stay long and a wee hint of medicinal notes right before the finish

Finish: Smoke! Mocha, dark chocolate, drying at the very end of the finish, then all of a sudden all but a slight burn around the edges is gone.

Conclusion: I guess fanboy-ism pushed it over the 86 mark. If you put down the Kilchoglasses it really is more a high good than a low very good. But I like my Kilchoglasses, so I’ll keep it at that. You might want to take that into consideration when adjusting your adding of a grain of salt.

A wonderful combination of Islay and Bourbon. Might be a bit flat or boring as this brings nothing new to the table and doesn’t have any interesting edges or hidden gems but this is just what I like and crafted very well.

Score: 87/100 or B+

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