Kilchoman Sanaig


Kilchoman | Sanaig | 46% | Bourbon (50%) and Sherry Casks (50%) | NCA & NCF

Info: The Sanaig is the one Kilchoman expression I never really could get into, right from the start there was not much love between the two of us. Even though I felt quite lucky when I got my bottle as it was originally a rather limited release for France and wasn’t meant to hit a bigger market. But…anyway, it should be a somewhat sweeter release and hence is a vatting of 50% Bourbon and 50% Sherry casks. There is no official age statement on the bottle, not even on the side of the box!, but the Bourbon casks in the vatting are said to be between four and five years old. At least that’s what states and Peter and James told the same thing during the last tasting tour. As I never really cared for this expression, I never really checked those numbers but have no big reason to disbelieve them.

Situation: I had the Sanaig at different situations and from different bottles, with surprisingly similar results each time…these notes are a summary of my different tasting notes with no special situation in mind. Even on the Tasting Tour in the company of James and Peter or at the Distillery I didn’t really felt for this one…

Nose: Floral, cooked or canned fruits, dust, grapes, (medium sweet) sherry, camp fire, caramel, very earthy like wet dark sand caught in moss, hints of milk chocolate in the back and a bit soapy

Taste: Neutral to sweet entry, a bit watery, somewhat middle sweetish (I know, sorry), prominent sherry notes (more medium sweet then Olorosso), hayish, sweet peat, sharp clear smoke, hints of dry dark mocha, earthy

Finish: Leathery, clean smoke, pepper shows up late in the finish, vanilla and caramel show the Bourbon Cask influence

Conclusion: Like I said, I really don’t care much about it. Many people love it though and it is still is a non colored, non chillfiltered, 46% Islay dram so it could not really be “not good” it’s just not as good as many of the other choices…hence:

Score: B- so 82/100

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