Kilchoman Vintage 2009

IMG_4179.jpgKilchoman | Vintage 2009 | distilled 2009 bottled 2017 | Oloroso Sherry Butts and Bourbon Casks | 46% | NCF & NCA

Situation: First on its own and than side by side with the 2008, listening to music in the office

Nose: Fruity smoke, buttery, some rubbery notes I seldom encounter with Kilchoman, – it needs some time to air out, then it disappears in the background – sweet malt, ashy smoke, vanilla, ozone, brown sugar, plums? Wait was this the one with Sherry in the vatting? A bit musty…

Taste: Sweet malty entry, again buttery which is weird but fits nicely, brown sugar, vanilla, salt, red stewed fruits,

Finish: Salty, smoke like smoker smoke smoke, cured ham, some dark fruits and chocolate-y notes at the very end of the finish accompany the long staying salty notes.

Conclusion: At first the nose was dominated by rubbery sulfur notes but with time and air these disappeared and with more time the nose grew on me. Even if you didn’t know the nose gives away that some (though probably not many) Sherry casks went into the vatting as well. Which is usually a good thing in my Kilchomanbook. The sherry cask aspects make themselves noticeable at the palate as well, letting reminiscences of the Loch Gorm shine through on the palate.

A good to very good Kilchoman, hence I’m not really sure why I would complain but somehow something feels off. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll more than happily drink this, I just think that the Vintages are always on the boarderline to being, well, too well integrated and too smooth and hence boring. Maybe the Sherry just pushed it over the boring edge for me? It still is quite brine-y and salty like the other Vintages I had. I have to do a side-by-side with the 2008, which I loved (still do! But there’s not much left sadly). But on it’s own, I’d score this a good B.

Score: B or 87/100

During the side-by-side the 2008 showed some lovely cured ham or bacon notes on the nose but also quite some similarities, on the palate and finish, however, the 2008 is much more crisp and on point than the 2009. The finish in a way is rawer and rougher (totally in a good way!) and a good bit longer. If I had to choose between this two, it’s not even close. 2008 all the way baby! So for the 2010 please no Sherry in the vatting, pretty pretty please Mr Wills!

Sadly, I have no 2007 anymore but I think I like the 2009 a wee tad bit more than the 07 which I think was a wee bit on the boring side. If you have both, do a side-by-side and let me know the results!


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