Kilchoman Coull Point


Kilchoman | Coull Point | 46 % | Bourbon Casks finished in Oloroso Butts | sample due /u/TOModera | NCF & NCA

Info: Coull Point is – of course – a landmark close to the distillery. It’s close to Machir Bar both geographically and taste-wise. It’s a vatting of four and five year old bourbon casks which are then finished in Oloroso butts. It was created for the duty-free market.

Situation: On the sofa, looking at pictures from our trip to Islay…

Nose: Sweet peat, brown sugar, dark grapes, red fruits, salty, hay, cigarette smoke, some meaty notes,

Taste: Watery entry, the first thing I notice is the missing oily mouthfeel, sweet peat, vanilla, ashy smoke, malt, chocolate, sadly it stays quite watery, some salty notes

Finish: Coconut, peat, ashy smoke, chocolate or rather cacao, brown sugar, vanilla, salty, medium length,

Conclusion: Weirdly watery beside the 46%, I really like the interplay between spirit, casks and finish but the missing oily mouthfeel and power really turns me off the dram. I think this would be really good if bottled with 50% or more. This way it’s rather boring, it reminds me a bit of a smokier Johnny Walker black, so it might be very similar to JW double-black but I never had that.

Score: B- or 83/100

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