Kilchoman Single Cask Bourbon bottled for Pot Still Austria (5yrs)

Kilchoman Bourbon Cask Pot Still

Kilchoman Single Bourbon Cask bottled for Pot Still Austria| Destilled 15.08.2007 | Bottled 08.10.2012 | fresh BT Bourbon Barrel | 59.7 % | NCF & NCA

Situation: Right after this

Nose: Smokey bacon, brine-y, cold ashy smoke, dark fruits, leathery, also there’s a herbal or spice note I can’t really place like old dusty rooms, milk chocolate, typical Bourbon notes are nowhere to be found. Or well, it’s a bit gluey if that counts.

Palate: Although the abv is very close to the Brora I had before, this is so much wilder and rougher as well as less sweet (even though this is still quite sweet!). Sweet entry with ever so slight hints of a rotten note. Smoke, pepper, peat – Cask-strength Islay, what do you expect? No gimmicks here, just plain CS fun. Less Bourbon influence then I expected, but the sweet caramel-y brown sugar taste is there after two sips, mineral peat as well. Dark mocha and chocolate on the transition to the finish. Like I said, no gimmicks but nice Islay cask-strength fun, granted not overly complex but very well executed and appreciated!

Finish: Smoked bacon, brine and typical cask strength finish notes, so mocha, dark chocolate, smoke and peat, though not as clearly defined as in other CS Islay expressions.

Conclusion: A very well executed Cask Strength Islay Bourbon Casks with no outstanding edges or features, still I enjoy it quite as much as the Brora. So, very different but very similar. Somewhere on the small line between A- and B+ but on the end of such a beautiful day it’s:

Score: A- so 90/100

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