Kilchoman Port Cask Matured

Kilchoman Port Cask

Kilchoman | Port Cask Matured | three years (and a bit) | 55% | NCF & NCA | Ruby Port Casks

Info: This expression was fully matured in Ruby Port casks for more than three years, bottled at 55% and released in 2014. They sometimes show up at auctions now and then and the last time I checked these were well in the 150€-range. Keep in mind that I might be a little biased because of being a Kilchofanboy…

Color: I rarely care for color but, boy I love this color! No caramel but sweet active casks which had their influence on the huge popularity of this release.

Nose: Artificial peaches (you know that sweets), brown sugar, port spices, cold aromatic smoke (cedar wood smoke?), pickled plums, dark raisins, nutty with chocolate, the longer it sits the better it gets!

Palate: Spicy entry, sugary sweet, huge port influence (I know! I’m as surprised as you are!): spices, dark sweet wine, honey, raisins; smoke in the back with medical peat influence; overall very spicy plus an overripe/rotten fruit note

Finish: Here the underlying base spirit really shows: long and clear smoke with some medical influence, a creamy, sweet mouthfeel stays

Added water: With water the palate gets a lot sweeter almost like thick syrup, still spicy but it looses almost all of the medical peat notes on the palate. Water kinda softens it out. Pickled dark fruits, spices with chocolate and a bitter note. More boring than before (~87ish with water)

Conclusion: When I first learned about this expression, I was super excited because I just had my first Port and loved it. It was an old Port but unfortunately I didn’t remember what kind of Port it was. It was the perfect combination of sweet and tart with some nice spices and…anyway that lead to me thinking that the Kilchoman Port Cask Matured would be the perfect drink, thus expectations were very high. Hence, I was a little disappointed at first but even if it’s not THE perfect dram it’s still is a pretty good dram!

Score: A so 91/100

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