Mystery Advent Calendar Day 1

Advent 1

Info: My wife gifted me a whisky mystery advent calendar from WhiskyHäuslein, which is cool shop with lots of samples and a large selection of Von Wees’ Ultimate bottlings. Well, initially it wasn’t a mystery but just a whisky advent calendar but my wife thought that it would be boring if I knew what it is, so she removed all the labels…a keeper for sure! Not sure if I can keep it up and review/post daily but we’ll see. For now, let’s see what day one has to offer!

Color: Since I guess these are all single casks or at least Ultimate bottlings, they are neither chill filtered nor colored, so color might help in my decision. Or at least it will confuse me. This one is lightly golden to apple juice in color.

Nose: Ugh, not this again! New make? No, Ledaig! This must be a Ledaig! Stinky sulphur, brown sugar, strong rotten seaweed as well as malt notes, earthy peat and some blue smoke and medicinical notes. How old was the one I had from /u/sonofcrosus again? The hint of Baby Vomit gives away Tobermory’s peated expression Ledaig. So from my past experience, I won’t let that nose distract me from the fact it might still be pretty good. The nose however is not. Unless you like burning muddy wellies. Than this might be your thing of course. If this is not Ledaig, my guess is Jura.

Taste: Neutral to sweet entry, lots of red fruits, sweet medicinal peat, quite salty. Not overly high in the abv department. Malty and vanilla. Earthy as well as mineral notes. The later reminding me a bit of Coal Ila. Salty. Some sulphur as well. Leathery notes. Some oak. 10 – 12 years, 48%? No BBQ-spices and hardly any smoke. We still think this is Ledaig, aren’t we?

Finish: Brown sugar, dirty earthy notes accompanied by sugared red fruit notes. Oranges. Slightly medicinal peat and hints of smoke. Some nuts but not enough to convince me that this is an Oloroso Cask. Espresso and dark chocolate. A bit of perfumed soap, which is weird. Drying at the end. Very nice finish!

Thoughts / Guess: Port Pipe? Or First Fill PX? But it’s not as sweet, so I’d say Port Pipe or at least a Port finish. Ledaig it is. Bourbon Cask with a finish in a Port Pipe. 12 years old and bottled at 48%. I’m really interested to see what this is as it is quite good. I love the red fruit, peat and smoke combo. Wait. It might be a, damn what was that Longrow again? Yes, it might be a Malbec or similar red wine cask. Heck, thinking about it, this just might be the Longrow Malbec! No, the nose and lack of smoke forbids that.

Final guess: Ledaig Port Pipe, 12 years old, 48% (Is there such a thing? If so, I’d wage Ultimate would be the one to bottle it!)

Reveal: Ultimate: Deanston 2006 First Fill Sherry Butt, 10 years old and 46%

Conclusion: The nose is really not doing justice to the things to follow. The palate is a nice fruity, peaty, earthy stew. I really like the finish. As with the Ledaig I had, time vastly helps the nose to develop. I really enjoyed the sample and I’m glad that I tried a new distillery which I haven’t had anything from yet and – to be honest – I didn’t really have on my radar. This will be fun!

Score: B + so 88/100

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