Mystery Advent Calendar Day 2

Advent 2

My wife gifted me a whisky mystery advent calendar from WhiskyHäuslein, which is cool shop with lots of samples and a large selection of Von Wees’ Ultimate bottlings. Well, initially it wasn’t a mystery but just a whisky advent calendar but my wife thought that it would be boring if I knew what it is, so she removed all the labels…a keeper for sure! Not sure if I can keep it up and review/post daily but we’ll see. On day one I fell into the trap of jumping into a conclusion after the first seconds and that threw me pretty off the track. Let’s see what day two brings!

Color: Since I guess these are all single casks or at least Ultimate bottlings, they are neither chill filtered nor colored, so color might help in my decision. Or at least it will confuse me. This one is a very light gold.

Nose: Creamy malt, very fruity, strawberries, milk chocolate and yet again some sulphur, blueberries as well as some baking spices

Taste: Creamy entry, malt, white pepper, canned fruits, red berries, milk chocolate as well as some oak and heathery notes on the transition to the finish

Finish: Brown sugar, red fruits, vanilla, some white pepper and salt, a little oak but quite gently, a heather note stays quite long

Thoughts / Guess: I’m a bit clueless about the age as it shows neither young nor older notes, so I just play the odds and say 12 years old. This one is in the same range as yesterday’s Deanston, so 46 – 48%, I would say a Sherry Butt. From a Speyside Distillery I haven’t had before. Luckily that leaves only about 56 possible candidates…

Final guess: Ultimate 12 year old refill Sherry, 48%, Speyside distillery. What? I should name one? I have to? Damn, you’re a tough crowd! Well, then it’s a Cardhu!

Reveal: Ultimate Dufftown 1997, 17 year old Hogshead, 46%

Conclusion: Ha! I almost said Dufftown! Only because of Duff-Beer, but still…Ok, since we’re totally honest here, initially I wanted to say Abberfeldy but decided against it as I wasn’t really sure if it actually is in Speyside…

Eventhough this is not my typical pray pattern, I quite enjoyed this one as well, as it showed some interesting fruity notes and a nice full and creamy mouthfeel…

Two drams, to nice surprises! Sweet!

Score: B so 86/100

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