Mystery Advent Calendar Day 3

adven 3My wife gifted me a whisky mystery advent calendar from WhiskyHäuslein, which is cool shop with lots of samples and a large selection of Von Wees’ Ultimate bottlings. Well, initially it wasn’t a mystery but just a whisky advent calendar but my wife thought that it would be boring if I knew what it is, so she removed all the labels…a keeper for sure! Not sure if I can keep it up and review/post daily but we’ll see. On day one I fell into the trap of jumping into a conclusion after the first seconds and that threw me pretty off the track. Day two was closer and without a trap but also pretty nice, so I’m excited what going to be behind the third door

Color: Same as my tears, damn who can you loose that game?!

Nose: Leather, wet tobacco, smoked or rather cured meat, quite bitter as well, as nose is quite tight and muted I guess this is not 46%, not a very inviting nose, to put it that way…

Taste: Quite a creamy entry, brown sugar, vanilla, clear smoke, I still can’t really tell if the bitter note comes from oak or peat, some bbq-spices, meaty, oily mouthfeel, some mocha and dark chocolate. A tad bit hot so this is way above 46% might be 55 or even more

Finish: Leathery, brown sugar, meaty, chocolate, quite long but a bit, well, not flat but empty like the salty and bitter touch stays really long, bitter and quite drying as well

Thoughts / Guess: Quite meaty, some bitterness, I’m not really sure what to think here. Peat or oak. There’s note much cask influence here, so I’d say refill Bourbon or Hogshead, I’m not sure about the age or strength either. It’s definitely not 46% but rather 56%. It shows some meaty qualities through nose, palate and finish. A meaty highland malt? While the last one sure didn’t taste like 17 old to me, I wouldn’t be surprised if this would be in the same range.

Final guess: A meaty Highland, refill Bourbon cask, 55% and 15 years. Distillery? No clue, one I haven’t had before. Maybe Mortlach?

Reveal: Ballechin 2005, 11 years old, 59,9%, Bourbon cask

Conclusion: So the bitterness is peat and not oak, ha. This is the first one I didn’t really enjoy. Well, can’t win ’em all, can you? Nice fun fact, this was distilled shortly before Signatory bought Edradour. Sweet.

Score: low B 81/100

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