Mystery Advent Calendar Day 4

Advent Mystery 4

I was sick the last couple of days, so I had to take a break in my advent-ure….hohoho…but now I’m back but a couple of doors behind, so this is day 4 even though your advent calendar milage may vary!

My wife gifted me a whisky mystery advent calendar from WhiskyHäuslein, which is cool shop with lots of samples and a large selection of Von Wees’ Ultimate bottlings. Well, initially it wasn’t a mystery but just a whisky advent calendar but my wife thought that it would be boring if I knew what it is, so she removed all the labels…a keeper for sure! Not sure if I can keep it up and review/post daily but we’ll see.

Color: I still have to think about a color joke…

Nose: Voluptuous nose, very fruity, sweet pears, caramelized apples or to keep the story in line, pears! Vanilla, artificial peaches? Hints of rubber give away the sherry cask, cinnamon and hints of salt and oak

Taste:  Sweet entry, sugared red apples and pears, bit watery, artificial sweetener, oak, again a bit salty, accompanied with some citrusy notes.

Finish: Nutty, leather, salt, drying oak, sulphur, burned walnuts, lemon drops, an artificial sweetener sweetness stays quite long

Thoughts / Guess: A bit flat, 46% again, sherry cask, no clue about the age but the rather strong oak influence makes me want to say 19 years (20 sounds odd for no particular reason, I’d be ok with 21 though), distillery? Livet it is, no doubt!

Final guess: 19 year old Glenlivet, sherry cask, 46%

Reveal: click me to see the reveal 🙂

Conclusion: A bit flat to me to be honest, but then again I’m not good at “judging” these kind of malt as it’s not my preferred style. I’m sure, if you like your whiskies fruity and sweet you will enjoy this much more than I did and the flatness might very well be just me being not too familiar with these rather delicate whiskies. Also: Ha! Nailed it!

Score: B 83/100


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