One President in Paris, one fraud story and a Sauternes matured Kilchoman (Kilchoman Club Bottling IV Sauternes Cask)


Another night, another review from the backlog and another wine cask matured Kilchoman. Sadly, this time I don’t have any tasting notes of the original inhabitant of the casks. I could still tell you a little bit about Sauternes, which is a French sweet wine from the region Sauternes which again is part of the popular Bordeaux wine region. Due to something named “noble rot” the grapes used for the wine are partially raisined, which is quite fascination so go ahead and look it up. The wiki article on Sauternes is quite informative. The English version, sadly, doesn’t tell you about what /u/RustyPipes already know, which is the fascinating story of the Jefferson Wines. That is not only a very nice connection to yesterdays Madeira Reviews but also a very intriguing story. Here is a very interesting article nay almost a detective story which is gripping to read and includes guns, even Jesse James’ and Custer’s, so very fitting to the High West I’m sipping on right now and is a nice supplement, or rather perspective giver, to the recent discussion of counterfeit Pappyz.. So definitely read this one too! And if you come back, read along to find out what I think of the Kilchoman Club Bottling IV from 2015 which once, before it became what it is today, was the content of three first fill Sauternes Casks which were filled with Kilchoman new make in January 2011. Four years later, on the 9th November 2015 the spirit was bottled at 60% abv, resulted in roughly 900 bottles and sold for 75GBP to the members of the Kilchoman Club and finally ended up in my glass and of course in my fair share of sample bottles!

Kilchoman Club Release IV | OB | dest. January 2011 | bottled 9h November 2015 | First Fill Sauternes Casks (Number 740&790/210 and 28/2011) | 60% % | 180ish range at auctions | NCA & NCF

Situation: Several times in different situations, this is a summary of those sessions

Nose: Sweet wine-y (Ha! No shit? You’re one hell of a detective, Mr j4ni sir!), a picture of golden grapes instantly comes to my mind! Honey, some nuts like almonds, citrus, cranberries, salty peat, tart like a pinot gris, also a light “hooch-y” note, dusty smoke, in a nutshell a nice pinot gris with some some smoke and sweetness floating around (might just be a perfect Sauternes nose, sadly I never had some yet – I’m working on that and you should too!)

Taste: Medium sweet entry ( a bit weird since it’s not like bourbon sweet, or honey or sugar sweet but sweet plus something else which I can’t really put my finger on. Again, might be a typical Sauternes sweetness but ignorant me doesn’t know, which I think, is a shame), bitting abv quickly kicks in, in a very salty manner, thick oily mouthfeel, not very present smoke I would rather describe it as rotten peat, cooked yellow/orange fruits, malt

Finish: Here the Sauternes takes a backseat and a typical Kilchoman CS finish (clear smoke, (maybe a bit more)salty(then others), mocha, dark chocolate) takes the driver seat only to be pushed out by wine-y notes to take over after a few seconds, tart green apples and a slight fermentation note, dry with sweet aspects, long and a bit bitting – hey it’s 60% after all!

With Water:
Nose: Tropcial fruit cocktail with booze, really fruity with hints of chocolate, smoke and nuts
Taste: Still a quite sweet entry and a thick oily mouthfeel, chocolate, grapes, brine, smoke and dark fruits
Finish: Coffee, brine, smoke, chocholate

Conclusion: My with water notes are usually very brief and I just included them to give you a hint, more then often my water addition leads to me being disappointed that I added too much and I almost always imagine the dram to be watery afterwards, even though it often opens up a new taste dimension and adds complexity to a dram. Sadly, I usually suck at adding the right amount and jotting down helpful notes…Overall I really enjoyed this dram and it encouraged me in my demand to try some Sauternes wine. The enjoymentlevel is a wee wee bit higher than with the Port Cask so:

Score: A- or 92/100


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