Kilchoman Feis Ile 2016

Kilchoman | Feis Ile 2016 | 56,6% |Oloroso Butt 429/2007 | bottle 562 of 632

Info: This was the first Kilchoman Feis bottling I had, it’s a nine year old Oloroso Butt. I love Sherry Cask Kilchoman, so I was very happy to spot that bottle!

Situation: At the Bon Accord, see here for the details! Thomas gave me the dram for free as a wee tiny bit was missing to a full pour. Awesome place, awesome fellow. Go there! Put it on your bucket list. Worth it.

Nose: Dark fruits, bitter peat, farmy (dirty) hay notes, chocolate, salty, clear and spicy bonfire smoke. Very nice sherried Kilcho nose!

Taste:  Warm and spicy entry, sherry fruits and some tartness upfront then the spicy peat kicks in with powerful salty abv bits, chocolate, dark fruits, smoke, awesome!

Finish: Long, powerful, salty, lots of sherry influence here paired with spicy peat and salt, chocolate and dark coffee on the exit

Conclusion:  Awesome! A good balance between the spicy and dark fruity influences here. I love Sherry Cask Kilchoman and this was a very good one at a special location. And free! Which, I guess, is the only “best whisky” we all can agree on. Now start your whisky bucket list!

Score: A 94

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