Kilchoman Feis Ile 2014

Kilchoman | Feis Ile 2014 Fino Finish | distilled 01.07.2009 bottled 20.05.2014 | 58.7 % |

Info: I know, I know! You’re thinking ‘j4ni you’re missing the 2015 release!’ Well, I had the chance to try it but there’s only so much you can drink. If you haven’t crossed that line in your whisky journey, you’ll come to that point eventually. It’s a vatting of three bourbon casks which at that point were the oldest casks so far. But like I said before, I’m not the biggest fan of the bourbon casks only releases. They’re far from bad but I had other things on my list. Still have. Anyway. I skipped the 2015 release because I don’t like love the bourbon cask, but I do love wine matured or finished Kilchomans. So I skipped the 15 and dove right into the 14 which is a marriage of two roughly five year old Bourbon casks (I know, I know but it gets better) which were then (here it comes!) finished in a Fino Sherry Butt. The results were 525 bottles of 58.7% of which I drank bottle 473, well parts of it.

Situation: In the Ballygrant Inn. I swear I saw Ewan smile!

Nose:  Kilchoman backbone, BBQ spices, smoke, peat, a bit rubbery/sulphuric some tart red fruits as well as artificial tropical fruits

Taste: Almost neutral entry then powerful spices hit, bourbon sweetness, velvety mouthfeel, red berries, cherries, dry woody smoke. Awesomeness in a glass!

Finish: Sweet red fruits, cigarette smoke, brown sugar, dark chocolate, salty, long, powerful, wow!

Conclusion:  Wow, damn! Just how I like it! See it? Buy it! Drink it! That’s what they were made for! Perfect balance of red fruits, smoke and spices! If there weren’t twenty more whiskies I had to try, I’d have another one!

Score: 97/100 A/A+

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