Kilchoman Small Batch for Germany 2017

Small Batch for Germany 2017

Kilchoman | Small Batch for Germany 2017 | Sherry Casks 185/2008 and 186/2008 | distilled 24.04.2008 and bottled 22.02.2017 | 56.6 % | sample due /u/sonofcroesus |

Info: The 2017 edition of the Small Batch for Germany is a vatting of two Sherry Casks, which are usually Oloroso Butts if not stated otherwise. And it’s close to nine years old, which is quite old for a Kilchoman.

Situation: After a stressful evening of BBQing and bottling samples, listening to the King’s Choir, Jolle the ever so faithful Bulldog snoring peacefully by my side. And I still have to write a bunch of christmas cards…oh and I already finished a mystery sample /u/sonofcroesus gave me, but since I’m pretty sure it’s an Armagnac I spare you the details. It was quite good though!

Nose: Hazelnuts, a wee bit rubbery, dirty hay, tart red fruitiness, clear smoke, cured ham, salty, some slightly medicinal peat, also some oakiness. With some time chocolate notes show up. Overall a bit muted, not untypical given the strength.

Taste: Creamy entry, nuts, salty abv bits, a bit farmy, malt, sweet peat, some citrus influence, red fruits and raisins but not as much as expected. Brown sugar and oak. Tobacco leaves and clear smoke.

Finish: Powerful, nice. Oily mouthfeel. Yepp, I like the finish. More on the sweet and nutty side. Salt, tobacco, ashy, raisins, really dark chocolate, some oak, sweet peat, hazelnuts, brown sugar. Quite long and complex.

Conclusion: Surprisingly it took me a while to get warm with this dram, at first I thought the abv overpowered the palate and it was a bit flat but after a while I opened up. Initially I was a bit disappointed but luckily that changed during the course of the dram. Still the finish is the best part here. I guess these Butts were refills but I’m not sure. Maybe just a bit on the unactive side.

Still a pretty good whisky but I’ve been spoiled with awesome Kilchoman lately. So maybe I expected more. While the 2016 Feis Ile had very similar specifications on paper, there are worlds between these two drams in a glass.

Score: B+ 88/100

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