Bruichladdich The Classic Laddie (Scottish Barley)


Bruichladdich | The Classic Laddie Scottish Barley | NAS | 50 % | 

Situation: On a boring afternoon on the shores of Loch Indaal, here are the details

Nose: Butter, hay, sulphuric rubber boots, salt, malt, some grapes, a bit of a burned wood note, brown sugar but buttery rubbery sulphur is the note which dominates the nose

Taste: Slightly oily entry, butter!, a bit of honey sweetness, Creme brûlée, vanilla, malt, walnuts, brown sugar, creamy mouthfeel

Finish: Creme brûlée, salty, the rubber comes back, quite long and salty, at the very end a weird rubbery undertone which pretty much ruins it for me. Nice thick oily mouthfeel though.

Conclusion: Not quite my preferred style, still quite good and interesting, wouldn’t buy a bottle but would order a dram from time to time. I had this expression on several occasions and took notes, each time I gave it an:

Score: 82 or B-

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