Port Charlotte Transparency Feis Ile 2017


Bruichladdich | Port Charlotte | Twelve Casks of Seven different Types ranging from Bourbon to Bordeaux and Sauternes | the youngest cask was filled 2004 | 100% Scottish Barley | 1000 bottles | 56.4% |

Situation: At the Ballygrant Inn, after a rather boring afternoon on the shores of Loch Indaal, see here for details

Nose: Sulphuric, cured bacon, rubber boots, BBQ spices, brown sugar and some tropical fruits, but dominated by peat!

Taste: A sweet and fruity but also intensely spicy entry, quite salty peat, artificial sweeteners, peach, creamy mouthfeel, quite aggressive, harsh wood and alcohol notes remind me of Quatercask maturation (which, to be transparent, this is not!), dry smoke

Finish: Powerful, bitter smoke, salty peat, but also tropical fruits, moldy sweetness gives away the Sauternes cask(s), long and intense

Conclusion: Good but no change against the big boys I had the last days, maybe 12 casks was a bit much? It seems muddled from time to time eh from sip to sip 😉

I really really kick myself to get this instead of the Bowmore handfilled festival bottle, which everyone and their sheepdogs seemed to agree on, was the best Feis bottling this year.

Lesson learned: Kids, if you ever see a Bowmore Handfilled*, have it! No questions asked. Just have it. Straight away! Don’t think about it.

Score: B so 84/100

* and are of your country’s legal drinking age!!

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