The Coopers Choice Laphroaig 2006 (8 years old)

The Coopers Choice | Laphroaig | Sherry Cask | distilled 2006 and bottled 2014 | Cask #1343 | 46 %

Situation: At the Ballygrant Inn, after a rather boring afternoon on the shores of Loch Indaal (see here)

Nose: Laphroaig! Medicinal peat, a bit bitter, BBQ spices, rubbery notes, chocolate as well, phenol-y, salt, seaweed,

Taste: Mellow entry, much more relaxed and sweeter than expected, fruity and sweet, then BBQ spices and the Laphroaig burning hospital peat background show up to say ‘Hi’ accompanied by some nice milk chocolate and light tingly salt…

Finish: Milk chocolate and dark fruits with just the right amount of Laphroaig background, quite spicy at the end! Nice! Long beside being just 46%

Conclusion: Wow! This one took me by surprise, again it was recommended by Ewan and it was a perfect hit! When you’re in an awesome bar, talk to the staff and trust them! Both this one as well as the Port Charlotte Thomas over at the Bon Accord recommended were incredible drams I wouldn’t have tried if not for these two spectacular (well in a quite way!) barmen.

This was nice and spicy, chocolate-y and Laphroaig, plus dark fruits and chocolate! Awesome. I have to confess, I’ve never heard of The Cooper’s Choice before but this was a pretty good business card. I tried to get a bottle back home but sadly didn’t have any success. See it? Buy it – it used be relatively cheap when available…

Lesson learned: Trust your barman and I need more Sherry Cask ‘Frog in my life!

Score: Plain A, so 95

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