Highland Park Voyage of the Raven

HP Voyage of the Raven

Highland Park | Voyage of the Raven | NAS | 41.3 % | mostly first fill Sherry Casks | Travel Retail 

Situation: In different situations over the last week, finishing off my sample over the Titans vs. Chief’s game…

Nose: Malty, red fruits, hints of sulphur but only lightly, Maraschino cherries, light leather, Vanilla, a bit of a rotten note I usually get with the Lagavulin 16. This nose really needs air as the longer it sits in the glass, the better it gets and the rotten and sulphury notes disappear. Once they are gone a nice honey heathery Highland Park flagship note turns up. Before the airing out, the nose seems very unsteady after that it is better.

Taste: Watery entry, some strawberries or other red fruits, vanilla, salt, a bit of bitting wooden note (Quarter Casks?), some minot peat and smoke but not much. Uh, well, this is a very flat palate, watery and thin.

Finish: Salty, black coffee, dark chocolate, black cherries, some peat and smoke as well as a nice slightly drying woody note, marzipan. Best part of the dram!

Conclusion: Initially, I didn’t really like it. The nose really needs time to air out its (youngish?!) off notes, than it’s a solid HP nose. The palate is really a letdown, no need to sugarcoat it. The finish saves a bit of the dram’s face so that it’s not a total letdown – that is as long as you keep the price out of the equation. Once you put that in, it gets in brazen. So my rollercoaster of emotions throughout the review process was: oh, well, ugh – a bit flat but OK the finish saves it – wait what’s the price of this?! Hot damn that’s bad…

Score: 83/100 B- (without price factored in)

Just when I posted this, I figured that it’s the first HP review I post on this blog, so I have to say that this is the worst HP I tried so far and by far. I actually really like their original bottlings and love their independent bottlings but this doesn’t shine a light on the new NAS releases…

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