Ardbeg Uigeadail

Ardbeg Oogie

About two years ago,  I not only discovered that I like Ardbeg’s drams more then I admitted myself before (still not a fan of the NAS everything and marketing mumbojumbo…) but also rediscovered the enjoyment to sit down on the sofa, listening to good music and just loose myself in a dram. To really enjoy this, I kicked laptop and phone out and started jotting everything down into my little black book. That way I’m not tempted to answer mails or browse reddit but can really focus on the enjoyment, oh and the dram as well of course but mostly pure enjoyment. The little downside is, that I have to somehow transfer my chicken dropping handwriting into 1 and 0s. So, good news everyone! I’m reducing the introductory chitchat and here are my thoughts on one of the most widely loved Scotch. Or, well, the thoughts of two years ago me. If I still feel the same about the Oogie, I’ll let you know in a couple of days when I sit down with a a side by side of an early 2000s Uigeadail bottling and recent one. But for now, here’s my two year old review:

Situation: Happily enjoying Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the USA on the sofa, Jolle being the good watch dog that she is, enhancing my enjoyment with some good ole Bulldog snoring…

Nose: Ah, Islay Cask Strength. Happy. Bold ashy smoke, the sea (brine), peat, dark slightly rotting fruits, earthy: wet moss and wet dark sand, hints of Sherry behind that earthiness, BBQ (sizzling spizzy brown crusts on pork chops to be precise)…

Taste: Wild! good! Strong sweet entry, white peppery abv bits, sweet malt, espresso, chocolate, sugar coated bacon (that is a thing, right?), peat and the promise of smoke, some vanilla

Finish: Mocha, chocolatey, clear smoke, old ash, long and intense, malty, wow!…

Conclusion: Very complex and I could probably add more asociations to my notes but all you need to know is this: very good, makes me happy! The peppery bits of the abv are a wee bit overpowering but still a very pleasant experience.


Score: A-A+ so: 96/100

Note from the here and now: I don’t think, I would still score it as high, though I still think it’s an awesome dram and if you factor price into the equation (which I usually don’t), then it’s insanely good.

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