Benromach 10 Year Old

Benromach (G&M) | 10 year old | 43% | No Color added | Bourbon and Sherry Casks (80/20%) |

Situation: January 2019, in my office on the couch after a long day and listening to a playlist of all the bands playing the Persistence Tour next Saturday

Nose: a rather typical – if you can actually say so, but at least to me it is – peated Speyside whisky, it is sweater than your typical Islay peat…if there is such thing. Ok, this is leading nowhere. Let’s start again, Hello, nice to meet you! Here we go. Honey, brown sugar, leather, a sweet bitterness (yes, I know) like honey and vinegar, a light and sweat peat note, muddy, chocolate and slightly rotten tobaco leaves as well as a vegetable-ish note. Not much smoke but a quite nice nose. Some similarities to Highland Park as well as Benriach. 

Taste: Sweet entry, quickly followed by some nice salty bite, peat, honey, oak, creamy mouthfeel, light metallic taste (but that migh be just me today), brown sugar, baking spices and hints of berries

Finish: long, some nice wood influence, quite chocolate-y, some cigarette-like smoke, creamy, sweet licorice, spices

Conclusion: A very nice not too smokey scotch with a lovely creamy mouthfeel and chocolate notes. The finish is the best part and is surprisingly long for being only 43%. It’s very well rounded, without being too boring. To me it’s similar to Bowmore 12 as well as Highland Park 10 or 12. It should appeal to many whisky fans and would probably make a good present if you don’t know your host’s whisky preferences. 

Score: ★★★☆☆ 

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