Benromach Peatsmoke 2005


Benromach (G&M) | Distilled 2005 and bottled 2014 | 46% | No Color added | First Fill Bourbon Casks | 67ppm |

Situation: January 2019; on the couch, watching Forever,

Nose: Ashy smoke dominates a honey sweet nose, vanilla, some phenolic notes as well as an almost hay-like note, tropical fruits like apricots or maybe melon, milk chocolate and heather, some slightly bitter wood and salt

Taste: Neutral and creamy entry, than intense peat, burning logs, ashy, massive vanilla, pepper, tropical fruits and brown sugar

Finish: Intense peat, ashy smoke, dark coffee, fudge, chocolate, salty, the fruity notes are pushed way to the back and almost disappear. quite long especially for the abv

Conclusion: The peat is very dominating and masks some more interesting notes on the palate, which turn up again in at the finish. Which is surprisingly long and intense given that it’s „only“ 46%. I would love to try the earlier version of this as the 2004 vintage had only a ppm of 53ppm and which would complement the fruity background much better and not dominate it. In this vintage the combination of the high ppm and the first fill bourbon casks are too overpowering for me and result in a less interesting dram than the Benromach 10. Still quite enjoyable though.

Score: ★★★☆☆

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