Benromach Hermitage 2005

Benromach Hermitage

Benromach (G&M) | Wood Finish Hermitage 2005 | 45% | 2005 – 2015 | No Color added | First Fill Bourbon and then finished in Hermitage Casks for 18 month |

Situation: February 2019, in my office on the couch, Counting Crows in the background

Nose: The wine influence is pretty noticeable and even from afar a thick sweet note is noticeable. When you get closer, there’s that thick honeysweetnes, dark raisins and berries, a metallic undertone, oak, flowery or almost herbal notes, nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla give away the first fill bourbon casks which are easily noticeable through the layer of Hermitage influence. There are hints of peat smoke.

Taste: Creamy entry, honey, vanilla, tropical fruits (ripe mango?), milk chocolate, red berries, oranges, buttery, mint, indeed some peat and smoke though just a wee bit, 

Finish: Velvety mouthfeel, a bit thin though quite long, peppermint chocolate like After Eight, quite drying, a burned note as well as quite some wood influence or at least more than I would’ve expected for its ten years. Caramel, salt and vanilla accompany peppermint on the way out, in the end only the peppermint and a drying mouthfeel stay.

Conclusion: I’m not sure yet. The weakest one of the Benromachs I had so far, but still a nice dram. I can’t really put my finger on it but something is missing. Or maybe it’s too much vanilla for me. Similar to the Peat Smoke, the bolder first fill Bourbon as well as the Hernitage notes overpower the underlying spirit and cover up quite a bit of its complexity. Maybe that’s what bothering me with this one? But then again, it grows on you so give it some time and maybe a second dram if you have the chance!

Score: ★★☆☆

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