Kilchoman Single Cask Kensington Wine Market 2010 Cask #440

Kilchoman | Single Cask Release KWM 2010 | distilled 2010 and bottled 2015 | Bourbon Cask (BT) | 60.4% | Non-Chill Filtered, No Color added | 221 bottles |

Situation: At the desk, trying to catch up with all my reviews…listening to Shelter and my son snoring through the baby phone

Nose: A nice and intense nose, dominated by citrus fruits, cigar smoke, hey, honey, brown sugar, old leather, sea salt, slightly bitter peat, young and edgy! Yummi!

Taste: Straight forward powerful entry, these 60% aren’t to be denied! But luckily they are accompanied by a creamy mouthfeel as well as nice vanilla and chocolate notes, big peat and cigarette smoke, cured bacon, salty bites, malt, some citrusy tropical fruits show up on the side but are dominated by the rest

Finish: Creamy mouthfeel, long and intense finish, vanilla, salty bites, citrus fruits, ashy smoke and peat for ages

Conclusion: Young, powerful and untamed! Yeah, that’s how I love Kilchoman, if only this way a Sherry Cask I’d be in heaven. As it is I like the „plain“ Bourbon cask profile of Kilchoman a litte less than any of the other variants. Still a very nice and powerful Bourbon cask so if you like the Bourbon profile, this would be right up your alley! This reminded me of the raw power I used to love about Kilchman, so thanks Devon!

Score: (low) ★★★★☆

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