Kilchoman Red Wine Cask Matured

Kilchoman Red Wine

Kilchoman | Wine Cask Matured | 50% | distilled 2012 and bottled 2017 | Red Wine Casks from the Douro Valley in Portugal | No Color added, non-chill filtered |

Situation: Feb, 2019. Hello my name is j4ni and I like Kilchoman. In case you haven’t noticed…on the sofa listening to Madball, looking at some older notes for this dram and thinking that I really should write more about my Islay trip last…no wait, two years ago. Also, I should go back soon!

Nose: The Kilchoman peat and smoke is clearly recognizable: clear blue smoke combined with slightly sweet and farmy peat, also fruity red wine, tart grapes, bacon, red fruits…nice!

Taste: Full fruity entry, smoke right behind that, sweet but also a bit bitter peat, brown sugar, vanilla, cigarette smoke, white pepper and/or salt, (not very dark but also not milk-) chocolate notes, creamy but a bit thin mouthfeel. Maybe this would’ve profited from a little more abv?

Finish: Uh yeah baby, yeah! Austin Powers anyone? No, alright…Anyway, a very nice finish! Love it! Brown sugar sweetness, red fruits, trade mark sweet peat and ashy smoke, some salt, dark chocolate, espresso with a bit too much sugar, creamy mouthfeel, salt’n’pepper spices, long and intense. Punches a bit above its 50%. Islay finish like I love them! Makes up for the slightly thin middle part!

Conclusion: The palate is the weakest part as it actually feels a wee bit thin, the rest is nice as was expected. I like it quite a bit, but if you’re not a fanboy of the distillery or wine finishes you may want to subtract about two points. It has chocolate, smoke and red fruits, which is just what I love. I have to say that it was a bit harsh when I first opened the bottle but now that a good quarter of it is gone and it has been open for a while, I really enjoy it!

Score: ★★★★☆

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