Aberlour 12 NCF Re-Review

Aberlour 12 NCF

Aberlour 12 NCF | 12 year old | 48% | No Color added and Non-Chill Filtered | Sherry and Bourbon Casks | 40€ around here

Situation: March 2019, revisiting one of the first whiskies I choose myself and listening to the Boss on my new headphone amp

Nose: Christmas spices, sweet malt, salt, apple pie, spicy wood, rye, nutmeg, brown sugar and Strawberry jam..

Taste: Nice creamy entry, vanilla, caramel, fudge, salt, red fruits, apple pie with raisins and cinnamon, chocolate, some wood influence, 

Finish: Somehow reminds me of a good high proof rye, long, Walnuts, nutmeg, peppery, chocolate toffee, some coffee notes, 

Conclusion: Good! I wish I had another bottle and not only this sample. I thought that this was discontinued but as soon as I found out that it is not…well a no-brainer given that it‘s only 40€ including shipping! Maybe I‘m biased because this was the second bottle I choose a couple of years ago, maybe not but there’s an easy way you can proof me wrong…‚

Score: ★★★★☆

And here’s my old review from May 2015:

Nose: fruity sweetness but rather slightly bitter instead of gooey; white grapes and apples, a wee hint of chocolate, dark fruits with a tendency towards jam, hints of christmas spices,

Palate: a light burn with the first sip, spicy dryness with light peppery notes, velvet mouthfeel, vanilla, honey, rum, (→ stollen?) the balance between the creamy velvet and the peppery crisp is very (finger licking) good – a wee little bit too spicy though

Finish: long-lasting warmth, very nice tummy feeling, malt, the silky mouthfeel stays a bit

A good Scotch to be enjoyed inside in a cosy wing chair while debating with your cat what to say when you step out on the balcony to talk to the masses. Noar, it’s not that decadent, still it is good company for a cosy place, its sweetness caresses you and puts you in a good mood and the spiciness keeps it interesting. It pairs quite well with a broad horizon of music, any studio recording of Dire Straits will do. Clapton’s MTV unplugged might also be a good idea.

Score: 88/100

Final thoughts: So even though my notes are different, I think you can see the same idea behind the notes. Well, or maybe not. At least I can. Nevertheless, the conclusion stays the same for me: a fantastic dram to be had for only 40€ and still my favorite Aberlour. I do have a hand-filled sample around waiting to potentially take that title! Hopefully, I’ll find the time for that at the weekend. Till then, I happily finish the very last drops of the NCF. Cheers!

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