Whisky-Doris: A Speyside Distillery 1977

WD 1977

Whisky-Doris (Bottler) | unidentified Speyside Distillery | 38 years old | distilled 10/1977 bottled 12/2015 | Sherry Butt Number 25 | 47% |

Situation: March 2019; on vacation, sitting on the couch after a nice first day in the Netherlands. Watching Youth of Today performing live in Brooklyn via Instagram – yes, I know ironic on many levels but hell, what an energetic show!

Information: This dram was bottled by German indi-bottler Whisky Doris and is a Sherry Cask from a well-known but not to be named Speyside Distillery. Oh and distilled in 1977! Holly Paxarette Batman! I’m quite excited since it’t the first Whisky Doris dram I’ve had and I heard lots of good things about her picks. Also, because everything I had from the 70s was pretty amazing! 

Nose: Incredible! What a boastful and voluptuous nose! Candied apples, lots of dark fruits (berries, plums, cherries etc) covered in honey, cough syrup, vanilla, Christmas spices. Old leather and tobacco notes. A bit musty with some earthy notes as well. Very nice and more complex than my words do justice.

Taste: Drying to say the least! Creamy entry, pimped by 38 years in oak the 47% present themselves quite aggressive with strong salty and peppery notes, peppermint and similar herbs, brown sugar, darrrrrk (rum soaked) raisins, leather, dark bitter coffee, dried fruits and some nuts.

Finish: Obviously drying as well. Quite long and woody, like chewing birch wood branches, orange, menthol, double espresso with no sugar, licorice, some brown sugar as well as vanilla notes join in on the way out. Even though it is quite long it thins out pretty quick.

Conclusion: The nose is just lovely, the body is very oak-driven and dry but opens up with time (or as you get used to the oakiness), the finish is quite drying as was to be expected. Even though the taste couldn’t hold the promise of a luxury sherry bomb type of dram the oaky and herbal notes of the palate create a quite interesting and nice dram. It’s borderline over-oaked though, so if you’re not a fan of intense wood notes you’ll probably won’t enjoy this as much. I was a tad bit disappointed at first but kept enjoying it more and more with every sip. Not an „easy and pleasing“ dram though but I still enjoyed it very much.


Score: ★★★★☆ Click here to find out what that means to me.

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