BenRiach Curiositas 10

BenRiach Curiositas

BenRiach | OB | Curiositas 10 | 10 yo | 46% | NCF, NCA | „Oak Barrels“ yeah what ever that means | 34€ in Germany | 

Situation: (April 2016) I had this dram during a short family vacation, sitting on the sofa after a nice day of shitty weather at the sea. I’ve send the rest of my bottle to /u/ernestreviews to *better* participate in the Community Review….

Nose: Sweat peat, „oily“ smoke, some fruits, a little gummy-bear sweetness, nuts and some salt, hints of dark chocolate – quite a nice nose!  

Taste: Salty entry, or at least more salty then I expected it to be, peaty in a slightly medicinal way, smoke, dark black coffee, some oak. A bit flat really, it’s not bad but well flat, I expected more considering the nose and the abv

Finish: Milk chocolate, ashy, salt, peat, coffee and hints of cinnamon – the finish makes up for a rather flat palate

Conclusion: Quite nice but nothing to call home for. Makes me really looking forward to the Solstice! I guess this is a good “base spirit” to put some nice finishes up on it. Very balanced, not overly smokey or peaty. Very solid.

Score: ★★★☆☆ Click here to find out what that means to me.

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