BenRiach 1984 Peated Pedro Ximenez Finish Single Cask Bottling Batch 9

The BenRiach | Single Cask Peated | 27 years old | distilled 1984 / bottled 07/2012 | 258 bottles | Sherry Finish (Cask Nummer 1052) | 50,2% | NCF NCA |

Benriach 1984

Situation: March 2019; On vacation in the Netherlands. The day was packed with kids stuff and eventually ended in a movie night for JJ and afterwards in a pretty nice dram for me.

Information: This is an official single Cask bottling by BenRiach, it was released in 2012. It’s their peated spirit and it was finished in a PX Cask. Sadly, I don’t know in which cask(s) it was before and for how long. Nevertheless, I’m excited to try this!

Nose: Yeah! Powerful Peaty PX Party! Leather, pines, peat, honey, smoke, salt, yeah yeah yeah! Red fruits and salted caramel, spices and menthol.

Taste: Smoky woody red fruit stew. Warm and creamy entry, quite woody, brown sugar, honey, cooked red fruits, cigarette smoke, bitter wood, dark mocha, peat, milk chocolate, vanilla. Some herbal aspects like menthol as well.

Finish: Ashy Mocha with honey. Long, drying, ashy smoke, mocha, honey, sweetener, tannin, pepper and peppermint. 

Conclusion: Deep and multilayered! This is different on so many levels to the non-peated 1980 BenRiach I had yesterday. Nose and finish are superb and the palate isn’t bad either. Very good, actually even better 🙂

Score: ★★★★★ Click here to find out what that means to me.

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