Kilchomonday: Port Cask Edition 2018


Kilchoman | Port Cask Matured 2018 edition | distilled 2014 and bottled 2018 | 50% | NCF / NCA | 30 Ruby Port Hogsheads | about 10000 bottles |

Situation: Still on vacation in the Netherlands. Kids are asleep and I’m in a very good mood as I’m really looking forward to this dram as well as the Stout (which was awesome!)

Nose: Bitting Sulphur and brown sugar. Sulphur, bitter peat, farmy kilchoman notes, cured bacon, ashy smoke, brown sugar, some red fruits and honey but the most dominant bite is bitting sulphur. Lots of air also doesn’t help much but the sulphur calms down a bit and brings the sweet notes to the front. 

Taste: Smokey Plum Stew. Yeah! Creamy sweet entry, sweat peat, signature ashy smoke, brown sugar, red fruit stew, plums and darrrrrrrk raisins, almonds, menthol, some nice spicy wood influence and peppery spice, 

Finish: Brown sugar on a burned zweig. Brown sugar, salt, sweat peat, ashy smoke, milk chocolate, mocha, long, powerful. Great!

Conclusion: Yeah! I was very relieved when I took the first sip as the nose wasn’t pleasure but the rest is great! I’d go five stars if it wasn’t for the nose. Solely based on memories but I (think I) like this release more than the first one. Actually, I’m pretty sure I do. The nose however…the overwhelming sulphur is rather unattractive. Strangely enough there are still bottles around, seems like this one wasn’t as popular as the first one. Which is a good think…for me 😉

Score: ★★★★☆ Click here to find out what that means to me.

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