Kilchomonday: K&L Exclusive Single Red Wine Barrel Cask Strength

Kilchoman Red Wine Cask KL

Kilchoman (botteld for K&L) | K&L Exclusive Single Red Wine Barrel Cask Strength | about 5 year old | 60.3 % | distilled 2012 and bottled 2017 | NCF / NCA | Red Wine Barrel |

Situation: (March 2019) In a good mood in the office, pretty relaxed after a nice day

Information: This is a single cask or well barrel which was bottled exclusively for K&L, an American wine merchant. Funnily enough, this was distilled on Islay, then sold exclusively in America and eventually reached me here in Germany via Israel – Thank you very much Shane btw.

The combination of a cask strength Islay matured in a red wine cask hits all of my whisky sweet spots at once, so I’m very excited about this one. Let’s see if it can hold up to the high expectations.

Nose: Love it right from the start! Red fruits in honey, malty, cured bacon, baking spices, slightly rotten tobacco leaves, a bit musty, dried driftwood, only slight hints of smoke. Not unusual for such a high abv dram, the nose is rather closed and needs time and air to open up. Water brings up soapy notes as well as noticeably more smoke and peat.

Taste: Thick oily entry, good god what a mouthfeel. This feels almost like syrup. Red fruits, honey, salt, after a second or two the 60% abv show up to say hello, almost bitting blue cigarette smoke and at the very end of it, it shows hints of peat, vanilla as well as some sweet fruity notes, drying,

Finish: It takes a second but then it shows up, but I have to say the finish is way weaker than expected. Salty, drying, hints of vanilla, red berries and honey, it actually is quite long but not very intense – if that makes sense to you?

Conclusion: Damn that finish needs more pep! The mouthfeel is amazing, the 60% are very well hidden at first but make themselves get noticed at the end of the palate. The taste is amazing and even though the 60% show their muscles after a while, it is very drinkable even at the high abv. Not surprisingly this dram takes water very well, but I actually prefer it without or with just a tiny wee drop. There is a break though, somewhere at the middle or rather end of the palate, where it fells off a bit. Still, another great example that Kilchoman shine at a younger age and high abv. I prefer this over the official Kilchoman Red Wine Matured release.

By just reading the specifics, I actually thought I would like it even more. Still this is a very nice dram, thanks for letting me try it Shane! Maybe I should create a Frankenstein Blend next Kilchomanday with this and the official Kilchoman Red Wine Cask release and see what happens…

Score: (high) ★★★★☆ Click here to find out what that means to me.

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