Kilchomonday: Kilchoman Club Release VII – 12 Year Old Sherry Small Batch

Kilchoman|Club Release VII|two 12 year old Oloroso Sherry Butts| 55.2 % | distilled 01.11.2006 and bottled 07.11.2018 | NCF / NCA | Casks 309 and 310 / 2006|Bottle XX/1313

Situation: (March 2019) I had this a couple of times ever since I got this bottle last year and by now my bottle is about half full, the review below is a summary of all the notes I took for this dram on different occasions.

Information: At the time this is the oldest official distillery Sherry release and only available for the members of the Kilchoman Club through the distillery’s website. There has been a 12 Bourbon Cask which was a Distillery / Gift Shop Only bottling

It’s a marriage of two sister Sherry Butts, number 309 and 310 which were filled in 2006.

Pretty much from the get go everyone was eager to eventually try a “longer matured” Kilchoman, as “I wonder how this would taste with more age to it.” is a sentence you find a lot in early Kilchoman reviews. So here we have it, a twelve year old Kilchoman at cask strength, as usual neither chill-filtered nor colored, fully matured in Sherry Butts. Sounds lovely and I’m pretty sure it’s a dram a lot of people waited for ever since the first Kilchoman release was widely available.

Let’s see if the whisky can actually hold up to its high expectations!

Nose: Sweet dried grapes, chocolate, slightly bitter peat, wet leather, brown sugar, extinct fireplace smoke, dark berries and red fruits, smoked ham. Slight notes of wet cardboard don’t weaken the overall experience of a very nice nose.

Taste: Sweet sugary entry, vanilla, sugared dark berries, cigarette smoke, oaky but not too much, peat and some tar. The nice farmy dirty hay note typically found in many Kilchoman expressions is in there as well. Very easy to drink and pretty well rounded.

Finish: Brown sugar, some salt, smoke, milk chocolate, drying chewy oak, peat. Even though it is quite long, it misses some power and, well, roughness to me.

Conclusion: Like Loch Gorm on steroids and then cut down again. I bet by now there are one or two really nice, funky and rough casks around in Kilchoman’s warehouse. Don’t get me wrong and I guess a lot of people will love this one because it’s really really good but to me it feels like they played it save and chose the two most round casks. Which is understandable as this is one of these releases every one was waiting about and it sure is a milestone for the distillery.

To me though this seems a bit too nice and tamed. It misses the rough power and raw energy of the young Kilchoman I love. I know I probably sound like one of these hipsters who liked a band before they were popular and is sad now that everyone and their mothers love them. And I surely don’t want to complain! This is an excellent whisky and I’m glad I have it and it’s not fair to complain because younger casks have more power and raw energy but it shows that age is just a number and it depends on your preferences what that number means…as long as Kilchoman keep doing things the way they do and continue to be as transparent as they are, I’m pretty happy! Actually, remove that “pretty”, I’m happy.

So congratulations Kilchoman you’ve come a long way! Thanks for all the fun along the way, here’s to you!

Score: ★★★★★ Click here to find out what that means to me.

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3 thoughts on “Kilchomonday: Kilchoman Club Release VII – 12 Year Old Sherry Small Batch

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    1. I actually prefer Sherry matured Kilchoman over Bourbon matured but I bet it’s fantastic! Let me know if you want samples of the latest Club releases. Maybe we could do a little sample swap

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Cheers! That’d be great. However, it might still take a while till I open my bottle. I have quite a lot of open bottles at the moment and wanna finish some of them, before I pop the next cork.


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