This is basically an extension of my reviews on the whisky network on reddit. I really wanted to do a bit more than just the plain ole reviews. I know, I know. I could’ve done that at reddit as well, but most of the time it felt a little, well, not wasted but let’s just say some things on reddit disappear pretty fast. Especially in relation to the time it took to create or write it. Additionally, I wanted to add more than just one picture and have some more links and other stuff included. Again, I know. But doing that on reddit is rather painful. At least for me.

Anyway, as I always struggle for time this is a work in progress so bear with me as I’m doing this whenever my family, friends and job allow me to add a little piece to it.

I write about stuff I like, which is mostly whisky but also food as well as BBQ. I’m neither a professional writer nor reviewer nor native English speaker or writer, so bear with me and my mistakes.

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